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Healing Artist Collective Highlights Work of Mason Students, Alumni

George Mason News by Shayla Brown June 20, 2023

Photo by Cristian Torres/Office of University Branding From left: Steven Luu, Michelle A. Smith, and Peter Winant with other Mason artists at Mason Exhibitions Arlington for the "Edges of What I Feel" opening.

Article excerpt: "The Edges of What I Feel, an exhibition by the Healing Artist Collective curated by recently retired George Mason University professor Peter Winant, features the artwork of an eclectic group of Mason School of Art students, staff, and alumni. The diverse group of artists participated in the exhibition with the common goal of healing.

One of the featured artists, Mason alum Michelle A. Smith, is a surviving military spouse, and she said the exhibition allows her to express the pain of losing her husband.

"I'm confronting and expanding on the emotions of grief and loss with this exhibition. It's a difficult question without a definitive answer," said Smith, who graduated from Mason in 2021 and recently received a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA)Fellowship.

“Through art, through the healing, it is cathartic for me to deal with these processes,” said Smith..."

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