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Mason Exhibitions Arlington Presents the Healing Artists Collective: Edges of What I Feel

East City Art Gallery Openings and Events by Editorial Team June 5, 2023

photo by Liz Louise of Absence: Grief by Michelle A. Smith

Article sample:

"A series of works inviting viewers to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Mason Exhibitions Arlington will showcase recent artworks by the Healing Artists Collective (CJ Davis, Moe Lewis, Liz Louise, Steven Luu, Abdulrahman Naanseh, Alanna Rivera, Adrian Scalzo, Michelle A. Smith, and Tessie Van Dyke) from June 2–August 26, 2023. Artists in the collective include George Mason University School of Art faculty, alumni, and a current student.

Mason Exhibitions Arlington is honored to present Edges of What I Feel, an exhibit focused on exposing the raw and uncomfortable day-to-day struggles posed by mental health issues as a result of chronic pain, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual assault, and domestic violence. The exhibit is curated by George Mason University’s School of Art professor and artist, Peter Winant.

Edges of What I Feel expresses the personal intimate accounts of each participating artist while expanding on the collective’s desire to bring the global complexities of mental health into an open light and common ground for all to consider. In an era of growing interpersonal isolation, the politicization of mental health, and diminishing resources, the struggle for equitable access is real..."

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